This is an insight:

"We use a navigation system to find our way. But even more to know when we will arrive at home."

And here is another insight:

"Wir stehen im Stau - nicht weil wir zu lange warten - sondern weil wir zu sehr drängeln." (Der Stau auf Deutschlands Strassen erstreckt sich pro Jahr auf 830.000 Kilometer / Quelle: Günter Ederer und Gottfried Ilgmann)

Here is an insight:

"DJs have a nightlife. But they have a daylife too."

"When fish realise that they swim in water - that´s an insight!"

"What´s the secret of a fullfilled live? The deep bonding to other people - according to the Harvard "Glueck" Study" (Watch this TED Talk and read more here)