New role models are modest, humble and gently

While everyone is still debating whether #MeToo is helpful or not, whether it´s fundamental or an overreaction, there are new ethics on the way. As an unexpected outcome of the public debate „modesty“ and „being gentle“ (sic! part of the word „gentleman“) are becoming popular. Humble artists who focus on their own work, who rely on their quality instead of making a fuss about everything are new role models for Generation Z. Writer Roman Coppola, son of director Francis Ford Coppola, is one of them. What do you think?

Space - We are on a mission to Mars and beyond

Steve Jobs was a fan of the Whole Earth Catalog. The magazine displayed 1968 one of the first shots from earth – from outerspace. Since the last 50 years we are fascinated by space and spacetravel. Today dreams go further: to Mars. Visionary entrepreneurs like Elon Musk with SpaceX and Richard Branson light up our imagination. And tech companies such as Lockheed Martin try to enthuse school kids to become a space engineer and – one day - to join a space crew to go to Mars. Space Travel was a trendig topic at SWSX and will be a key topic at the Future Day in Hamburg. How is your business linked to Space?

"Document. Don´t create ..." -Is Gary Vaynerchuk right?

Morgan Spurlock partnered with Haagen-Dazs for a doc on craft. Academy Award® Winner Morgan Neville partnered with Samsung for a doc on Olympic athlets. Outstanding documentaries - presented at filmfestivals and platforms like Amazon Prime. This is branded content at its best. And we will see more of this corporate- and brand-storytelling as the hunger for documentaries is growing. And corporations and brands are asked to help feeding. So is Gary Vaynerchuk right with his motto "Document. Don´t Create!" What´s your next movie about?

Movie for your ears: Podcasts are everywhere

Was it the Serial who kicked it off? Five years ago it was a niche for a small group of addicted fans but today it´s a must have in the communications mix: Podcasts. And the grey lady is again far ahead of the game: The Daily by the New York Times has become everybody´s darling. Journalist and host of the show, Michael Barbaro, offers the right mix between news and  facts, emotions and empathy and great storytelling. Podcasts go straight to our ears, are mental cinema, yes, imaginative movies. So listen, the more visuals your create with words the better.  Start talking!

Mindfulness is merging into „Conscious Waiting“

Off-Time. Amish Time. Computer Fasting. However you call it. People try to stay away from smartphones to regain life quality. Arianna Huffington is praising the „importance of sleep“ for more health and wellbeing and „mindfulness“ was hot in 2017. This year the next movement is on the horizon: Conscious Waiting. Instead of browsing through social media or playing silly games to kill time in a waiting queue … embrace the standstill. Enjoy the momentum … it´s a gift of time and an resting island in this bustling world. Wait… which brand will jump on this trend?

Downsizing –       Small is beautiful. You know it.

„Downsizing“ is a movie, directed by Alexander Payne and released end of 2017. And it´s a trend which will accompany us the next years. Tiny Houses may be a solution to the growing need for homes in mega cities, less clothes may make our lives easier and less food is healthy anyway. But also big organizations are jumping on this trend: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin recuded its program with less shows. Advertising festival Cannes Lions announced to downsize their awards - focusing more on quality than quantity.  Well, small is beautiful. Today more than ever.

Change of an industry:                Visual PR

Furnitures designed for Instagram? At the international interior show imm—cologne, Designer Monika Förster pointed out that furnitures are designed more and more to impress on a photo, just looking good on the internet. Fashion only for Selfies? Luxury labels focus more and more on the upper part of our body. They call it “Face Furniture”. So hats, ear rings, scarfs are becoming highlights of fashion collections. (and this is all needed as a Millenial will create 25700 Selfies in his live, according to “Edited”). The „Visual Turn“ is in full swing. Images are dominating the internet and the way how we communicate. This does not stop at the corporate world. Corporate communications need to turn its focus to visuals – photos, infographics and videos, videos, video. A dramatic change for the PR industry. Our love for words need to be expanded into a passion for visual storytelling. Interested to learn more about the “Visual Turn in PR”? Interested in a keynote, training or workshop on Visual Storytelling? Find out more with one click or send an email to

Umbra, Curry, Mulberry -           Colors for 2018

Colors of the future are „Detox For Your Eyes“. Designers at the international interior show (imm Cologne) present furnitures and accessoires in warm and earthy shades and discreet sandy colors. The cosiness of thick fluffy carpets as well as deep and toasty sofas which we´ve seen over the last years is gone. Well, we are only one year away from Bauhaus´ 100th anniversary. But soft colors such as umbra, curry and mulberry are still bringing a sort of „gemuetlichkeit“ to our homes. Have a look into your food bowl and you´ll find the colors of 2018. Interested in how we live in the future? Click here.