In the area of social and digital media Storytelling is a promissing technique, capable to overcome communication barriers, to reach customers and stakeholders and to help  messages to be heard. Great stories are remarkable, engaging and they go viral. You just need to know the key elements of a powerful story.  That´s what this book is about: Storytelling. Die Zukunft von PR und Marketing. O´Reilly Verlag, 2014, 240 pages, German. 


Thanks to my friends and fans: From October 2014 to August 2017 "Storytelling" is among the top 3 best selling books on Amazon in the category "PR" . Here are some book reviews: Florian Lapiz, #rockyouremailFelxi BeilharzConpublicaPR Reportt3nmondpropagandarat-und-tat-marketingstudierenichtdeinlebenscheidtweiler-prmcschindler, medienrotKMTO MarkenWeltenLukas AddaF. RickertPeterargusaugeAnnika Schachlittelemissbookstore,  Robert WaltonMichael DomsallaLamb & Byte.

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"Images are the new headlines" - the future of storytelling is visual. Marketing and PR experts need to learn a new grammar, the grammar of visual language as photos, infographics, videos and multimedia stories dominate modern communications. That´s the theme of this book. Graphik Designer and Art Director Ulrike Heppel and myself give an overview on the rise of visual storytelling in corporate and brand communications as well as key elements and critical success factors for strong images. Have a look: "Visual Storytelling", O´Reilly, 2015, 328 pages, German.


"Visual Storytelling" April/May 2016 the best selling book on Amazon in the category "Business to Business".

Here are some Book Reviews by: t3n, 52buecher, Natascha Ljubic - So many thanks for this reviews.

You can also listen to some podcasts - interviews with Uli Heppel an me on the topic of Visual Storytelling and our book: Kolophon with Tim Pritlove und Management Radio with Wolfgang Eck.

Thanks to my friends and fans: From Dezember 2015 to March 2016 "Visual Storytelling" is the best selling book on Amazon´s in the category "Business to Business" .