You want to become a Storyteller? So watch out for this training. In the next 365 days you will get tips and tricks, checklists, advise, book reviews and video hints, best practice examples and lots of inspiration. This training will be published daily on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – have fun! #Storytelling for Marketing & PR #StorytellingIn365Days

Learn more about Knowledge-Sharing and #Storytelling from Stephen Denning:  


Read this wonderful book about #Storytelling:  "The Story Factor. Talking about the power of stories" by Annette Simmons  #StorytellingIn365Days

Why #Storytelling? Daniel Newman lists 4 technologies behind the change in communication: #StorytellingIn365Days

Joshua Glenn & Rob Walker have proven that stories can increase the value of an object. Check their website #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

Stories are an exposure. They display an event or an incident. „Something has happend to someone“. Could be real in the past (history) or someone talks about it (narration). This „happening“ could be real or is a piece of imagination (fiction). #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

“The power of brand #storytelling” – research by Headstream  #StorytellingIn365Days

Whats your story for? Your Corporation, your Brand or your Product? #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days


Communication is persuasion. And you do have two options: rational communication and emotional communication. #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

A great storyteller: Lewis Carroll – Have a look: …  #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

You should know: There are five Building Blocks essential for a great story – having a „Reason Why“ is one #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

Great stories give a meaning. Great brands give a meaning too. This is what brand and stories have in common. (quote from Andrew Stantons TED Talk „The clue to a great story“) #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

Start with Why #SimonSinek (but sales people seem to disagree, really? #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days 

Even the Huffington Post called it a „heartbreaking story“ ( – „Visit Mom“ by BA is the perfect example that every good story has a reason to be told:

Best Practice #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days

Have a look into this interview with Robert McKee in Harvard Business Review #Storytelling #StorytellingIn365Days