6Pack for a Strong Visual Content

Some images are stronger than others. Some images are more than nice. Some images tell a story. To identify these "strong" images and distinguish them from the "ordinary" whatch out for this six factors of success:


1. Eye Catcher: images with a "wow"-factor, that catch your attention immediately.

2. Bullets: images which work super fast. They are able to explain complicated topics with just one image.

3. Eye Candy: images which are aesthetic and beautiful to touch our soul

4. Door Opener: some images are an escape into another world. They are like Alice´ rabbit hole.

5. Zeitgeist: Strong images pick up the Zeitgeist. They quote pop culture and refer to our inner image libary.

6. Meme Hijacker: Images which go viral often jump on memes everyone is talking about.


You finde more about strong visual content in my book "Visual Storytelling". And on my Visual Storytelling Board at Pinterest