Be inspired for more creativity

  • Answer the public ( Sometimes you need the right questions for the best answer - this is what you get here ...  Ask the Seeker. Enter your keyword and he'll suggest content ideas in seconds.
  • Gamestorming ( - All you need for brainstormings ... make it fun, make it a game. Lots of ideas and tools.
  • Mindjet ( - for all who want to organize their thoughts and ideas. And fans of mindmapping.
  • Portent´s Content Idea Generator ( an easy and fun website which helps you to generate catchy headlines. You als can use it to brainstorm phrases and claims.

Design Thinking Tools & Canvas Templates:

  •  Futurise - Lean Service Creation ( - Design your next business  - and the Finish consulting agency Futurise will help you with this tool kit.
  • Futurise - IoT Service Toolkit ( - The Internet of Things isn´t that complicated. Make it playful with this toolkit.
  • Futurise Augmented Toolkit ( - Futurise is very generouse to pulish this Intelligence Augmented Design tool kit for product & service development with and around Augmented Reality.

Graphics & Infographics:

  • Canva ( - make your content beautiful ... colors, frames, lines, deco elements.
  • Color Picker ( - explore different colors and learn which colors fit to eachother
  • ( - Create and share visual ideas. 1000s of Reporting, Timeline, Resume and Process templates to choose from.
  • ( - Charts & Infographics the Easy Way. Create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data. Interactive, responsive and engaging.
  • Piktochart ( - Easy-to-Use Infographic Maker.Take your visual communication to the next level, without hiring a professional designer.
  • Venngage ( - Make Infographics For Free. Everything you need to create and publish infographics is right here.
  • Typorama ( - Join photos and typo and create something new.



If you don´t have Photoshop