Idea Coach

The most ineffective creativity technique of all is: Brainstorming. Do you do brainstormings? And how efficient are this meetings?

If you think your brainstormings could be a bit more structured and sorted, give me a call. Becuase this is what I do.


What´s the job of an idea coach? I help companies and agencies, marketing- and PR teams to find new ideas. Sometimes with quite unconventional methods. Wanna know more? Have a look into "Brainstorming in the Dark". 



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Ramon Vullings has written a wonderful book on cross-industry-creativity ... oh no .. on innovation. Much better. Have a closer look here:

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Creative work drives business. Really? You may think that the only currency relevent for  pros in advertising, PR and communications is awards, awards, awards. This might be true. But James Hurman proofs with his book "The Case for Creativity" that award winning campaigns are super successfull. So it´s a win win situation. Profit for the Brand and Awards for the Creatives. Read more in Hurman´s book. 

Big Data instead of Big Ideas?


2016 I had the pleasure and honor to be a jury member at the Cannes Lions Awards (again - after being a  jury member of the Cannes PR Lions in 2014). The category I judged on was a very interesting and challenging one: "Creative Data" as part of the Cannes Innovation Festival.  One crucial question came up in the judy room immediately: will data become more important than creativity or what´s the influence of Big Data on Big Ideas? Here is more about the Cannes Lions Festival and why data will become more and more important: Cannes Lions 2016 Interview (in German). 

Ready for a Sabbatical?

2015 was my sabbatical year. 365 days without work, without duties and deadlines. 365 days full of joy, friendship and discoveries. Full of new perspectives, loneliness and despair. A sabbatical often turns out to be different .... Whant to know more? Turn to: "Learnings from a Sabbatical"