How To find ideas?

Was ist die ineffizienteste Methode, um auf Ideen zu kommen? Ja richtig, es sind Brainstormings.

Und doch lieben wir diese Kreativitätstechnik. 


Es gibt aber wesentlich mehr Methoden und Möglichkeiten, um auf gute Ideen und Stories zu kommen.


Hier finden Sie jede Menge Tools und Instrumente, um Ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf lassen zu können und um Ihre Ideen auch Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen.


What´s the most ineffective creativity technique? Yes, it´s brainstorming. So do you do brainstormings? Maybe I can help to make them more successful.


You want more inspiration right now? Browse through this website and you will find: Creative Tools you can use, Books & Videos which light up your creativity, some Trends to start with and Sources  on trends for your own research. Have fun!

As Creative Director I help teams to become more creative and find better ideas and stories. Especially teams in Communication, Marketing and PR - teams in corporations and agencies. How can I help you? Here is some food for thought:

  1. Cracking the Code of Creativity: Are you creative? I am sure you are. Discover and unleash your creative talent and the talent of your team. I am sure there is lot´s of potential.
  2. Its all about CoCreation: Learn how to interact together and get your team up and running for ideation.
  3. Brainstorming & More: Which creativity technique is the best for your, your team and our job. There is so much more than Brainstorming. Find more.
  4. Kick off Creativity: Where to start an idea? With an empty piece of paper? Sounds like a bad idea. Great ideas come from great ideas. So learn where to find the best places for inspiration and stimulation.
  5. Selling an idea: There is a bias against creativity. Really. So how to sell ideas to an audience which doesn´t like risks. Learn how to pitch an idea successfully to your client, to your boss, to your team.


Interested in one of these? Have a look into this seminars:

Wenn Sie Interesse haben, mehr über Kreativtechniken und Alternativen zu Brainstormings kennenzulernen, dann besuchen Sie doch eines meiner Seminare.


Oder aber Sie schauen bei LinkedIn vorbei - dort gibt es zahlreiche Online-Trainings von mir zu den Themen: Storytelling, Visual Storytelling und Kreativitätstechniken für Marketing & PR.


For more creative inspiration follow my blog: Amazing Stories

As Chief Creative Officer Petra Sammer was responsible for the creative inspiration and motivation of agency teams worldwide. Sometimes with quite unconventional creative techniques such as "Brainstorming in the Dark". Have a look:


*2015 and 2016 Ketchum Pleon was awarded as "most creative PR-agency in Germany". Petra Sammer left the agency 2017 and founded her own business.

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