How do you find your ideas?

What´s the most ineffective creativity technique of all? Yes, it´s brainstorming. So do you do brainstormings?


If you think your brainstormings could be more structured, sorted and efficient... 

If your think your teams needs a bit support to become more creative ...

If you are not sure how much creative talent your team has and how to unleash this potential ....

give me a call.


As this is what I do - helping teams to become more creative and find better ideas - especially teams in communications, marketing and PR - teams in corporations and agencies. How can I help? Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Cracking the Code of Creativity: Are you creative? I am sure you are. Discover and unleash your creative talent and the talent of your team. I am sure there is lot´s of potential.
  2. Its all about CoCreation: Learn how to interact together and get your team up and running for ideation.
  3. Brainstorming & More: Which creativity technique is the best for your, your team and our job. There is so much more than Brainstorming. Find more.
  4. Kick off Creativity: Where to start an idea? With an empty piece of paper? Sounds like a bad idea. Great ideas come from great ideas. So learn where to find the best places for inspiration and stimulation.
  5. Selling an idea: There is a bias against creativity. Really. So how to sell ideas to an audience which doesn´t like risks. Learn how to pitch an idea successfully to your client, to your boss, to your team.

Interested in one of these? Looking forward to your email:


You want more inspiration right now? Browse through this website and you will find: Creative Tools you can use, Books & Videos which light up your creativity, some Trends to start with and Sources  on trends for your own research. Have fun!


I´ve been 25 years with an international agency - with Ketchum* - and as Chief Creative Officer I was responsible for the creative inspiration and motivation of teams worldwide. Sometimes I used quite unconventional tactics such as "Brainstorming in the Dark". Have a look:

*2015 and 2016 Ketchum Pleon was awarded as "most creative PR-agency in Germany". Petra Sammer left the agency 2017 and founded her own business.