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I am a storyteller and creative, a PR- and marketing consultant, speaker and book author. Hello and Welcome.


Clients and business friends benefit from my 25 years of experience in PR and marketing as Managing Director and Chief Creative Director of one of the largest communications agencies in the world.


They benefit from my expertise as a creative who has one creative awards and was juror in numerous award shows (including Cannes Lions, D&ADs, Clio ...).


They benefit from my experience as a TEDx speaker and book author.


pssst... since 2018 I run my own business. And I help clients and friends to find and tell there own story. So am always looking for good ones. What´s yours?

About Petra Sammer

"Life is a story" - could be my motto. But it´s not true. Most stories are not written by life. It´s how we tell ourselves about our lives. 


Therefore its my pursuit to make everyone a better storyteller - and inspire him or her to be more creative:

Keynotes & Seminars

Storytelling and Ideation - are my expertise. That's what I do. My aim is to inspire and motivate communications teams and agencies by keynote speeches, seminars and workshops. Helping them to tell better stories and boost their creativity.


So take a look at the whole range of topics for keynotes, seminars and workshops - and become a Storyteller and Creative:

 "Images Win Over Text: Why Project Managers Should Become Better Visual Storytellers

Communication is changing. In the past 15 years, the sharing of images in media -newspapers, online media, websites, social media - has grown massively. And this trend, which communication professionals call the "visual turn", does not stop at corporate and internal communication. It does not stop at team and project communication. We are becoming increasingly accustomed to “visual communication” and for the next generation, Generation Z, it’s a matter of course to use icons, emojis, infographics, videos more than text to exchange and express ideas." - a webinar for PMI Switzerland, April 2021:

Creative Zone

What is the most inefficient way to come up with ideas? Brainstormings. And yet ... we love them so much. But there are better ways to be creative. Trust me.


As Chief Creative Officer of one of the world's most creative agencies, I was responsible to motivate and activate teams and clients - for ideation and innovation. Learn from my experience, let me inspire you and grab some tips for free: