Persuasion research has known it for a long time. Neuroscientists have also proven it: the power of stories. Actually, every child knows that stories are more moving than pure facts. For more than 40,000 years, mankind has been telling each other stories and thus passing on its knowledge. An ancient form of communication is now being rediscovered by marketing professionals, communications experts and managers.


An opportunity for companies, brands and leaders.


But what comes naturally to authors and screenwriters can become a challenge for managers. Petra Sammer, communications consultant and author of the bestseller "Storytelling," shows you the recipes for success and the neuralgic points, of good corporate and brand storytelling. She sheds light on the building principles of great stories that can be applied to the needs of companies, brands and leaders.


Storytelling can be learned ... for marketing, for PR, for sales ... also for your personal appearance. Have a look at the seminars in detail. 

Storytelling - Basics

The hunger for good stories is growing. Opinion leaders and influencers are looking for stories. Social networkers are hungry for shareable content. And customers want to be informed and entertained with good stories. This is a huge opportunity for companies, brands and their storytellers.


In this seminar "Learn from Hollywood", Petra Sammer defines the technical term "storytelling" for marketeers and PR professionals. She shows successful concepts of good corporate and brand stories and helps to find suitable stories. Best practice examples - from B2C and B2B - provide inspiration for your own communication. 


Over a hundred companies, associations and agencies have already booked this seminar - as a keynote or workshop - all with positive feedback. Let yourself be inspired for more Storytelling in your marketing.


Who is this for? This seminar is suitable for anyone who is looking for an introduction to the topic of "Storytelling", who wants to get an overview of the technique and is looking for inspiration to incorporate stories into their own communication.


Formats: Keynote | half-day course | day seminar | workshop | online webinar

Storytelling - Masterclass

 Building on the basic "Learn from Hollywood"- course, this masterclass continues. The workshop, which is designed for a maximum of 15 participants, offers tools and methods for actively implementing narrative marketing in text, visuals and video. Using practical examples, storytelling tools will be presented and practiced. Own works and projects will be worked out concretely.  Practical work will be done on storytelling elements in text (e.g. for newsletters, websites, customer cases), image (recognizing and selecting narrative image material) and moving image (tips and exchange of experience in dealing with film teams) and social media campaigns (principles of transmedia storytelling).


Who is this for? The seminar is suitable for medium-sized companies and also communication teams of large enterprises and global players who want to execute storytelling in a practical way, as well as for agencies who want to make colleagues fit in terms of strategic storytelling and narrative marketing.


Formats: Half-day course | day seminar | workshop | online webinar.

Don´t present, tell a story

You think storytelling is not for you? Because you don't like to tell stories and you don't have anything to tell?  You are not alone in this opinion. Scientists, engineers, business economists, lawyers, project managers and top managers ... many struggle with this method, which offers so many advantages and is more necessary than ever to reach and inform people. 


And it is not that difficult to learn. With the seminar "What's your Story?" you will familiarize yourself with the efficient impact mechanisms of storytelling and get an overview of the areas of application and possible uses that suit you: from Leadership Story to Knowledge Story to your very own signature story.


Practice storytelling and learn about narrative patterns and structures - from Hero's Journey to Sparkline. Develop the right story for your next presentation - and convince yourself that you can successfully incorporate the "art of storytelling" into your rhetorical repertoire. 


Formats: Half-day course | day seminar | workshop | online webinar | individual coaching