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Creativity (b)eats Corona

As Creative Director I help teams to become more creative and find better ideas and stories. Teams in Communication, Marketing and PR, in corporations and agencies benefit from my experience as a Chief Creative Officer and Creativity trainer.


How can I help you? Here are some ideas:

  1. Cracking the Code of Creativity: Are you creative? I am sure you are. Discover and unleash your creative talent and the talent of your team. I am sure there is lot´s of potential.
  2. Its all about CoCreation: Learn how to interact together and get your team up and running for ideation.
  3. How to run a Brainstorming effectively: How good are to facilitate a brainstorming? And is this the most effective creativity technique for your and your team? There is so much more than Brainstorming. 
  4. Presenting and selling ideas: There is a bias against creativity. Really. So how to sell ideas to an audience which doesn´t like risks. Learn how to pitch an idea successfully to your client, to your boss, to your team.


Interested in one of these? Have a look into all seminars:

Where great stories start

To find great stories and fresh ideas you need to do your homework. Dig deeper and get to know the topic, the target group and the circumstances. Search for the obvious and the surprising. The ordinary and the unconventional:

Creative Tools

Creativity only needs a white sheet of paper? Quite the opposite. Many people even fear the emptiness of a white sheet of paper. If you're looking for some help to kick off your creative process (with apps, platforms, links and tools), you're sure to find it here:

Creative Library

There are so many good books about creativity. And such fundamental literature about storytelling. Here is a selection of the books you should know. As well as some videos you definitely should watch: 

Petras Projects

Life is not only about working. If you're interested in what else I do, feel free to check out my latest creative projects and stories. 

As Chief Creative Officer Petra Sammer was responsible for the creative inspiration and motivation of agency teams worldwide. Sometimes with quite unconventional creative techniques such as "Brainstorming in the Dark". Have a look:



*2015 and 2016 Ketchum Pleon was awarded as "most creative PR-agency in Germany". Petra Sammer left the agency 2017 and founded her own business.