Creative Safari

Creative Safari heißt, raus aus dem Großstadt Dschungel, rein in die kreative Wildnis und neues entdecken.

Creative Safari heißt, sich mit  Kreativen treffen, austauschen, gegenseitig inspirieren - und dabei noch einen ganz besonderen Ort, ein Unternehmen oder einen Künstler kennenlernen.

Plot - Storytelling Forum

Plot ist ein interdisziplinäres Forum, das von den

Machern des internationalen Serienfestivals

SERIENCAMP (, Storytelling-Expertin Petra Sammer und dem Branding und Design Studio Abc&D ( kreiert, kuratiert und durchgeführt.

Travel Guides

#ThereMustBeSomething is the motto of a city tour which brings us every year into a town which is "off the beaten track". Such as Kassel, Karlsruhe, Gelsenkirchen, Worms, Magdeburg

Words on Hand

Handwriting is beautiful. We are surrounded by so much text made by machines that we have a strong desire for words written with hands. Words on Hand is a project for fans of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and a homage to  carefully used words.

Change Perspectives

Change Perspective is a photoproject, featuring a weather station in the shape of a little Swiss hut at 100 places around the world - from New York to Berlin, from documenta in Kassel to the Mexican boarder in Texas. The project ended at New Years Eve 2012 with a detonation of the hut in the Austrian Alps. For more insights check this blog or this eBook.

Out of Grafing

All started as a little help for my friends 2006. I often go out for dinner so people ask me where to go for good food. Thats why "Out of Grafing",  a food blog, was born - featuring restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels. After ten years this blog goes far beyond Grafing.

Buying Local - 365 Days

"100 % local" was the motto of 2010.  Project "Heimkauf" started on New Years Eve for 365 days.  As we live in such a wonderful region we decided to spend as much money as possible local. Well, when it comes to food ... buying local is easy  (if you are able to get out of bed early on Saturday morning). The rest was tricky... 

Movie Marathon

I am a film philologist. So I studied film philology - the exploration and analysis of movies. I´ve seen many movies in my live and 2013 I started a movie marathon to see all Oscar Movies. This are 86 films and approximately 10.320 movie minutes. I know the criterias of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science are controversial as this award was launched to promote U.S. movies -  but it´s quite fun to see them all. 

100 Thought Leaders

Who are the most influencial thinkers worldwide? The Swiss Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut publishes every year a list of 100 people.  "100 Thought Leaders" was a personal knowledge project to learn as much as possible about the diverse ideas and innovations which will shape the next century.

Sketch Notes

While listening to a keynote or a talk I doodle and draw. That´s how I memorize best ideas from a speech. I pin them on Pinterest for my and others pleasure. 

Fascinated by Games

After I´ve written two textbooks on storytelling I thought it is time to start my own story. "Ich spiele" covers my first steps into the Gaming scene and industry. Here is how all began:  "At my 47th birthday my husband surprised my with an unusual gift: a Xbox One. So I was up to start my life as a gamer, to discover new virtual horizons and get lost in the wildness of digital worlds. But with 47 your are no more as naive as with six. So my gaming career evolved differently than I thought and I got my pretty own view  on all this ..."

The Real Truth about Sabbaticals

2015 was an amazing year. I stepped back from my daily job as Chief Creative Officer - for a full year.  And as exciting this year was there is also an untold truth about sabbaticals ...

Creative Statements

2014 I had the honor to serve as a jury member for the most prestigious award in advertising and PR: the Cannes Lions. The  Creative Statement project was designed to show some of these golden Cannes Lions in quite unusual context - and with some quite special  quotes.

City Walk Munich

Munich has up to 42 different quarters. 2015 I visited all of them.  I strolled "kreiz und quer" (criss cross) through my hometown for a photoproject celebrating the beauty of Munich. Have a look at "Kreiz und Quer" on tumblr. Or into the book "Münchner Zettelwirtschaft".