The Power of a Story

Do you consider yourself as a good storyteller? No? Why do you hesitate? You´ve learned the art of storytelling at the age of 3 or 4. So don´t worry, you may have just forgotten some principles. For Marketing and PR storytelling seems to be a promissing technique, capable to overcome communication barriers, to reach out to customers and stakeholders and to help  messages to be heard. Great stories are remarkable, engaging and they go viral - all this is a trump card.  Be inspired by novelist, scriptwriter and game developer and learn how they gain the attention of their audience. 

Give me 5

Five principles are key to a great story:

  1. Every story needs a reason to be told.
  2. Every story needs a hero.
  3. Every story starts with a conflict.
  4. Every great story is soulful and emotional.
  5. Every great story deployes viral power.

If you like to discover more listen to this episode of CSuite - my  interview  with Russell Goldsmith on Storytelling: CSuite-Podcast of Russell Goldsmith whom I met at the  ICCO Summit in Oxford 


There are wonderful examples in PR, Marketing and beyond how to use storytelling successful. There is science how to use storytelling most effectively and insights how to find, create and implement storytelling strategies best. At my blog amazing stories  you´ll find regular updates what´s out there.

Best Storytelling - Best Practices

  • Intermarche (2017): L`amour  - a wonderful lovestory starts in a supermarket - with lots of food and lots of learnings. 
  • Guinnees (2016): Gareth´s Story - what a hero! If you don´t know how to select a main character and how to set the stage for a strong purpose, watch this emotional story - presented by a brand which always celebrated  compagnionship
  • Chanel (2017): Chanel´s Gabrielle bag - Fantastic Visual Storytelling by Chanel - tuning Cara Delevingne into a cartoon.

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