“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” John Cleese


He's so right. John Cleese, co-founder of the British comedy group Monty Python and creative coach, puts it in a nutshell: creativity has little to do with talent. And a lot to do with method and input. There are numerous tools and techniques to increase creativity and innovation.


Do you and your team need to brush up on these techniques? Or do you want to learn new methods? Not all creative processes are the same - it pays to think carefully about which tool brings the best ideas. 


Benefit from the many years of experience of Petra Sammer, former Creative Director Ketchum, the world's most creative PR agency. Get inspired and motivated for successful communication concepts and campaigns - with strong results and award winning.


Take a look at the range of seminars on offer - or put together your individual program . For your own personal "Creative Boost".

Cracking Creativity

Many believe that they are not creative. Even in agencies, approx. 20 percent of staff doubt their creative power. But what does "creative" actually mean? What qualities do so-called "creatives" have and can you acquire these qualities?


This training encourages you to discover your creative talent and gives tips on how to develop your own potential.


Formats: Keynote | half-day course | day seminar | online webinar

It´s more than Brainstorming

 It's always called "brainstorming." In fact, most "brainstorms" are just ordinary meetings. To creatively stimulate a team, it takes more than just a few colorful PostIts and coffee. Brainstorming is the most inefficient creativity technique, but  we love it so much. So let´s make it more efficient and successful.


In this training you will learn how to turn a brainstorming into a successful session with great outcome. And get to know plenty of other - and better - creative techniques.


Formats: Half-day course | day seminar | online webinar

Not the best idea wins ...

The best idea wins, right? Nice, but it's usually not the case. Clients ask for creativity and new approaches, but shy away from the risk of implementing things no one has done before.  There are also often no criteria for recognizing and assessing creativity. Therefore how an idea is presented is crucial for its success.


Benefit from the many years of experience of Petra Sammer, who, as Creative Director of an international agency, has been through countless pitches and who, as a jury member of renowned awards, has had the privilege of judging thousands of campaigns. 


This seminar will help you and your team to better assess clients and present ideas more successfully - because your best ideas should not disappear in a drawer.


Formats: Half-day course | online webinar